January 8, 2012

Home Tour: The Before Photos

Our 1962 Ranch home has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, an eat-in kitchen, living room, 1-car garage, a full open basement (lots of storage space!), and a huge yard!

Bedroom 1
Bedroom before
Bedroom before
Full closet and 2 windows

Bedroom 2
Bedroom before Bedroom before
Full closet and a double window

Bedroom 3
Bedroom before
Bedroom before
Full closet and 2 windows; pretty much a mirror-image of the 1st bedroom

Hallway Before
LOVE the 2 closets! We have so much storage space.

Bathroom before
The bathroom was refinished in 2004; not our style, but it’s functioning and I love the white tile aside from the floral accents. Just needed paint and some of our own personal touches. What you can't see is a closet which is on the left when you walk in. Again, loving the storage! And having a window in our bathroom was a necessity.

Living Room
(by the time I took the “Before” pictures, we’d already furiously stripped some wallpaper off!)
Living Room Before
The front door is off to the right of the window.

 Living Room Before
Full bay window = lots of light.
Not sure if you can tell in any of these photos but the kitchen, living room and hallway had popcorn ceilings.

Dining Area
Dining Before Dining and Kitchen Before
We like the concept of open kitchen/dining area

Before closing, we’d been sitting here in the dining area waiting for the inspector to finish and I was staring out these windows. The seller was telling me how her parents built this house and how her Dad took such care of the property. I’d spotted a round bush and she went on to tell me it was a blueberry bush. And there was a pear tree over to the left…and a beautiful stone wall. I started to get teary-eyed thinking of how homey this place felt; one of my grandfathers (whom I never met) built his own home (which is still in the family), had fruit trees and took pride in maintaining his property. I could relate. It was a nice feeling. Just really feeling meant to be for us!

View from dining area into the kitchen
Kitchen Before
That door leads to the garage. You can see how badly it’s placed…I can’t imagine walking into the kitchen next to a hot stove. And that black appliance next to the door is a dishwasher: a free-standing dishwasher. We’d never heard of or seen such a thing. But it served as extra countertop space. And that sea foam green phone: we saved it when we renovated the kitchen. We scored some other gems too. More on that vintage goodness later! The fridge was huge and oddly-placed, but newer and functioning. We ended up moving that into our garage as a second fridge.

And a close-up of that sexy wall paper
Vintage Wallpaper

That’s a wrap for the inside Before Tour!

Up next: Stripping Wallpaper and Knocking Down Walls

In the Spring I’ll be showing landscaping before and after photos, and if Mother Nature didn’t mess with my tulip bulbs so far this warm winter, I’ll have growth results from my first time planting bulbs in the Fall!   


  1. Lots and lots of great potential in this home. Lots of luck with all your renovating. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Hope to see you back soon.

    You should also check out They just recently bought a ranch and they are into major DIYing. Hopefully you will love some of their ideas. Inspiration is every where. :)

    Jen @ The Decor Scene